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On a digital office suite that handles end-to-end operations and keeps up with regulations.

Transform your Audit firm

What you can achieve, in a nutshell




2X more efficiency with firm and workflow automation

Workload Management

Near zero human errors, effective resource management



Build foundation for future analytics and AI-driven insights

Adapting to Newer Standards

Seamlessly enable peer reviews, new NFRA directive, etc.

Tailored for audit firms
across industries.


Make your team's audit process easy and efficient. Our platform has all the ICAI-recommended checklists to help you plan, execute, and report audits for things like financial statements and internal controls.

You can keep track of what you find and improve the quality of your audits with our data-sampling feature




Keep a complete register of your assets, sort them easily, and track their history. Add, remove, move, or sell assets smoothly, and see their whole lifespan. It also makes calculating asset value over time simple.


It helps auditors manage assets better and report finances more accurately, so your business stays on track.


Fixed Assets


Make auditing easier with our friendly tool for reporting. Starting with your trial balance, the platform connects your financial data to the right reports and keeps a record of changes.


You can create balance sheets, P&L reports with a click. Our advanced features make the process accurate and efficient.


Finalization of


Our scheduling module helps you manage tasks easily. Keep track of progress, set reminders, and ensure tasks are finished on time. Handle invoicing, and billing, and create reports with our customizable reporting.


From dashboarding to tracking resource efficiency, all activities can be done on the platform.


Assignment &


Simplify and streamline document management 

for audit firms


Simplify your document storage and workflows with our integrated system. Attach any format securely and access with ease, while ensuring data privacy. Streamline your workload and focus on delivering exceptional audits.



TRACe PA is developed by a team of experts with over 180 years of cummulative work experience. These professionals operate MMCS, a company that has created various products for managing accounting and auditing tasks, including risk and compliance, cloud-based accounting, and workflow management.


Based in Bangalore, the team is hands-on and skilled in product innovation, implementation, and ensuring customer satisfaction. TRACe PA is one of our flagship products, specifically designed for audit firms to enhance their efficiency.

Audit firms can elevate their digital capabilities with TRACe PA and witness a surge in efficiency, productivity, and revenue. Customized role-based workflows enable auditors to handle complex audits effortlessly.


The integrated document management feature simplifies the process by consolidating all audit-related information in one location. Firms can experience efficiency gains multi-fold, allowing them to complete more audits than ever before in record time! 


Place your trust in TRACe PA to elevate your audit practice to new heights.

A diverse blend of experts in product design, domain, and go-to-market


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NANJUNDA PRASAD- Product leader and go-to-market expert with almost 20 years of experience

PRAGYA MINZ- Insights and Analytics lead with over 15 years of work experience in the software industry


SNIGDHA BIYANI- Product marketing lead with experience in product management and marketing​

SACHIDANAND B G- Practicing CA, specializes in handling corporate & non-corporate regulatory compliances

RAVINDRA B V- Practicing CA and co-founder of a CA firm with 32 years of experience

MURALIDHAR B S- Practicing CA and serial investor in start-ups. Founded 4 companies with successful exits



HRS MURTHY- Founder and a veteran in the software industry with over 40 years of experience

SUJATHA R- Founding member, specialized in product management, with a decade of experience


SACHIDANAND B S- Market expert, IIM-A alumni, and a reputed academic with more than 20 years experience​​


System Experience



VINAYAK S- Professional with 18 years of experience in software development, product management, and consulting

DHARAMRAJ R- Seasoned IT professional in the BFSI industry with over 27 years of work experience

NIKHILESH K- Risk and compliance expert with over 39 years of work experience working with MNCs

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